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Heritage Resort in Goa
  • Panjim Inn Heritage Resort
  • Panjim Pousada Heritage Resort
  • Panjim People Heritage Resort
  • Hilario Heritage Inn Soilim
  • Presa di Goa Heritage Resort
  • Astoria Heritage Resort

  • Heritage Fort Resorts in Goa
  • Tiracol Fort Heritage Resort

  • Boutique Heritage Resort in Goa
  • Casa Baga Boutique Heritage Resort
  • Casa Anjuna Boutique Heritage Resort
  • Casa Britona Boutique Heritage Resort
  • Casa Baga Boutique Heritage Resort
  • Casa Colvale Boutique Heritage Resort
  • Laguna Anjuna Boutique Heritage Resort
  • Hobbit Boutique Heritage Resort
  • Casa Severina Boutique Heritage Resort
  • Casa Susegad Boutique Heritage Resort
  • Casa Vagator Boutique Heritage Resort

  • Home Stays & Guest Houses in Goa
  • "Casa de Morgado" Guest House
  • Marbella Guesthouse
  • Arco Iris Guesthouse
  • Capella- Home Stay
  • Casa Dos Florys- Home Stay
  • Carmita Noronha's - Home Stay
  • Villa Ludovici Tourist - Home Stay

    Heritage Houses & Villa Rentals in Goa
  • Villa Morjim-Heritage Villa
  • Little Siolim - Heritage House
  • Noi Varo Heritage Bungalow
  • Raj Angan Heritage House
  • Casa De Carmona Heritage Villa
  • Casa Lenas Heritage Cottage
  • Casa Maya Heritage Bungalow
  • Solar Monte-Verde Heritage Villa
  • Siolim House Heritage House

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    Handicrafts of Goa

    Handicrafts of GoaHandicrafts of Goa

    Handicrafts of GoaHandicrafts of Goa

    Handicrafts or handiworks are the prime attraction of traditional products of Goa ranging from pottery to bamboo work, which significantly contribute to the livelihood of the local people. Articles made of using natural material like coconut husk or palm leaves put another signature to the handicrafts in Goa. Craftsman loves to color their wooden items in vibrant colors as red, green, yellow and white to make their products more eyes catchy and momentous. These multihued wooden items or chitaris serves as key attraction in Goa tourism.

    Handicrafts always play a pivotal role in beach states so Goa is no exception of it. A plethora of items are made under the sponsorship of the Goa Rural Handicrafts and Small Scale Industries Development Corporation. Handicrafts of Goa also comprise of using brassware, Corlim a popular place in Mapusa specializes in the making of stylish brass oil lamps called samai. These are obtainable in anecdotal kinds ranging from four-branched lamps to many-branched lamps having the image of a god or goddess. Traditional artists of Goa are very much fond of carving out showpieces out of natural stuff to attract the visitors’ crowd of Goa.

    Different items available are:

    - Colorful Masks
    - Cotton Bags
    - Wooden Toys
    - Shopping Bags
    - Table Mats
    - Terracotta And Brass Items
    - Chandeliers
    - Sea Shell Mirrors
    - Sea Shell Idols

    The major art forms of the state include:

    - Pottery & Terracotta
    - Bamboo craft
    - Woodcarving
    - Brass metal ware
    - Crochet and embroidery
    - Seashell craft
    - Papier-Mache
    - Wooden lacquer ware
    - Fiber Craft
    - Jute Macrame Craft

    Other important crafts are:

    - Jute Macrame
    - Fabric Collage
    - Plaster of Paris
    - Fiber and Batik prints
    - Fiber stone carving
    - Coconut shell carving
    - Metal embossing
    - Silver and imitation jewelry
    - Cotton dolls, soft toys, woolen tapestry
    - Artistic weaving.


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